You Have So Much Potential – Anthology


You Have So Much Potential: Inspiring Generational Healing & Transformation is a book that was created to educate, enlighten, and encourage all health professionals and complementary practitioners, the clients, the patients we treat, and the greater community! In doing so, this book will create a space to reflect on the impact we make in the lives of our clients and patients, and how taking this role has been equally impactful by empowering us along our own healing journey.

COMPILED BY: Michelle Francis-Smith

CO-AUTHORED BY: Neville Francis, Rebecca Wasilewski, Laura C. Armstrong, Vera Kevic, SariynaLyn Sangeeta, Afya Ashiki, Dr. Andria Hoda, Erin Healey Finlayson, Kimberly Corpus, Ryan McKeen, Tanya Meyers, Linda Heredia, Tricia Levo, Martez Schembri-Diskey, Dion Clarke, Sheila Stewart, Karen Theimer, Catherine Oullette, Zipporah Wagschal, Shireen Spencer, Dr. Mitu Singh, Doris Jelacic, Debbie Nicholls-Skerritt, Jennifer Tansley, Minerva Maharajh, Michelle Allman, Almarielsa Cansino, Carla Fernandes, Nadia Ramprasad, Dr. Randeep Singh Mann


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