Birth Affirmations Adult Colouring Book


    These phrases are some of the tried and true things told to countless birthing people who Vera (me!), birth attendant and creator of these pages has used to bring birthing people some calm confidence.

    This is a pdf download of colouring book pages with uplifting messages of affirmations appropriate for pregnancy and birth. Please note this is a download only, physical hardcopies are currently in the creative process. For now only the digital copy is available for download, available for access directly after purchase. 16 pages print as full page, 8.5×11 size. (the images here show 4 per page, the download has each image as a separate page.)

    The idea of these pages is that you print them out, mindfully be with the phrases as you colour them in, outline the swirls and letters – and then post your favourite ones in places you will see them often throughout your pregnancy and labour. Be inspired to make your own pages and phrases, so that you surround yourself with positive and uplifting thoughts. Where the attention goes, the power flows!

    The colouring book is 16 pages total, with 14 affirmation pages. These are the phrases:

    My Love is Infinite
    I have oxytocin flowing and flowing for days and days
    My Instincts Lead me to what is true and right for me
    I have my grandmothers’ wisdom in my cells
    My body is soft and open
    My baby is with me on this birthing journey
    I open and let my heart sing
    I am the creator my body is magic
    When I breathe my baby breathes too
    My body is capable of things my brain has yet to discover is possible
    Baby knows the way Down & out
    I follow my path and peace finds me
    I already have all I need to be an amazing parent
    My birth is a sacred journey

    Absolutely no returns or refunds on this very affordable downloadable handmade work. If you are a birth worker sharing these pages with your clients, thank you for liking my work enough to share it :):) And would please consider making an extra $$ contribution (like gift an extra download to a friend), or/and send some love on instagram @ doulasonbikes in return. Thank you!!

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