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Helpful Help in Pandemic Times

After many months of lockdown living, we have all had to make adjustments. Especially those who are birthing and parenting during this pandemic. With stay at home orders, strict hospital policies, and generally trying to stay healthy in a pandemic, we have all made sacrifices to our comfort and care. This has caused a host of problems for birthing families. It has meant fewer support people during labour and delivery and NO help from friends and family in the early postpartum period – leading to even deeper feelings of isolation than what we would typically see in the fourth trimester.

And add the very real fear of bringing a baby into Covid-19 germs and potential harm. (The stats look good for baby’s and birthing peeps, here is the data). It is leaving new parents wearier than ever. Food deliveries and diaper services help, but wait, there’s more to consider. 

What about the poor grandparents! Imagine waiting decades to become a grandparent and then not being able to hold your precious grandbaby in your arms. This is leading to lots of ‘guilt shopping’! Extended family is forced to stay away from their newest family member and are racing to their computer to ship box after box of receiving blankets, toys and whatever else they can find to show their love. While we all enjoy the serotonin hit from seeing a package at our front door, what if there was another way for new parents to feel love and support? 

Doulas on Bikes has an alternative! We have a registry feature on our website that gives expectant families the chance to create a wishlist for family and friends to contribute money towards, or purchase your services for you outright. You choose the service items you want, send your registry link to the people in your life (both near and far), and they can contribute to your wishlist. They get a receipt for their payment, you get an email letting you know of their gift! 

Birth support (virtual or in-person), prenatal preparation, postpartum care and placenta encapsulation are all ways that we support new and growing families. The support of a doula reduces medical intervention rates during childbirth and lowers risk of postpartum mood disorders. At Doulas on Bikes, we are a sister duo, and that means we bring a piece of family to every parent we support. We can never replace those important to you, but we can offer knowledgeable birthing information, physical support, lactation support, help around the house and meal preparation after your baby arrives, or simply a much needed BREAK. Basically, we’re grandma, without the bias and with tons of energy and birth and baby knowledge! Give the gift of a better start to someone you love who is having a baby. 

Contact us today for a free video consultation, or check out our wishlist page to get started.