We are birth and postpartum doulas supporting pregnant people, mothers and parents-to-be in Toronto.

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Doula comforts person in labour

Yes (sometimes). Doulas are known! Doulas are recognized as necessary, wanted, and well used when accessible! And as more people use the services and request …

two hearts on clothes pegs

The most important person you can have at your birth is the person who loves you. Building your birth team today looks a lot different …

Why choose a doula?

Having a doula makes for a better birthing experience.

Studies have shown that the presence of a doula has many benefits to a person while birthing, including:

Prenatal and Birth Support

What does doula support look like? Having a doula at your side can bring you calm and help you reach your birth goals.

Postpartum Care

Transitioning into parenthood can be daunting, but support from a doula can bring ease and confidence.

Workshops and Classes

Our workshops are not only a source of practical information, but a great place to meet other expectant or new parents.

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